For best interests of the current and past members Mike the founder of City Girls decided to close down the project for not causing any privacy and safety problems for everyone ever enjoyed our provided service. I have always valued the privacy and confidentiality of all our members to its highest standards and would never put it at any risk. Recent events of being taken over in a nasty way by people incompetent in continuing service with the same high standards to which everyone used to and have built confidence in the past 10 years. Im still on time, as i’m writing it and can assure all personal data of providers and our members is safe and will be destroyed Dec 3, 2020 .

Thank you all for these 10 beautiful years. We have build a safe community, which I will always be proud about.

Rest In Peace City Girls

P.S. Any website that will claim to be a new CityGirls is false, and should be taken with caution.

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